Truly Brilliant Ikea Wedding Hacks

Truly Brilliant Ikea Wedding Hacks

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Lets get one thing straight – Everyone loves Ikea!

Or at least, they probably should :)While sadly we don’t have an Ikea here in the Okanagan, we still have one in Vancouver. Every time our travels take us down that way we’re sure to pack the vehicle to the brim with all sorts of Swedish design treasure. On a recent browse of the Ikea merchandize, I had a thought. People use Ikea for all sorts of projects around the home – but what about using Ikea for your wedding?! And so hence this blogpost was formed, and I set off to research the wonders of Ikea and to find the best it has to offer when it comes to DIY Wedding projects, decor & lighting. I wasn’t disappointed!

So the following is an extension of the many GENIUS Ikea Wedding Hacks out there. Perfect for brides on a budget, or brides looking to personalize their wedding in a way you just can’t get without a little DIY elbow grease! Some of these items are perfect right off the shelf, some require a little crafting. Either way, I guarantee you’ll be impressed by what Ikea has to offer when planning or decorating your wedding ceremony / reception. Where I was able to find them, I’ve included product numbers in the file names of the individual photographs – just right click and save as, or pin it to your wedding planning board to get the info! Best of luck, stay inspired!

Ikea Wedding Decor Inspiration!

1 spray paint Ikea frames gold and use them as signage

These table frames come in white – spray paint gold or the colour of your choice to match your reception, use for everything from table settings to instagram hashtags to desert bar labels.

2 Simple runner make from ikea curtains with vintage glass vases.

This simple table runner is made using a vintage ikea curtain with matching vintage glassware.

Chalkboard Frame Item UGG DRILL Frame MYR79

Make your own fancy reception signs using a vintage mirror and chalkboard paint! (Find more awesome chalkboard paint ideas here!) UGG-DRILL-Frame-MYR79

Colorful Wedding Umbrellas from Ikea! Knalla Umbrella - Red and White - 3.99 - item no 60282313

Have a wet day / rain back up plan for your outdoor wedding or photoshoot? Ikea has you covered with their colourful umbrella selection – only $3.50 each!

Framstalla Gift Bag, set of 3 assorted patterns black and natural - 2.49 - item number 20248383

Gift Bags of all shapes and sizes. item-number-20248383

Framstalla Ribbon, Pink $1.99 Item number 30250827

Its like twine – but colourful! Item-number-30250827

HISTORISK Gift tags, number $0.99 10 pack Article Number 302.480.47

Gift tag numbers by Historisk from Ikea – great for table markers! Item Number-302.480.47

Ikea $5 curtains

$5 Ikea Curtains can take a charming country barn from plain to chic!

Ikea Bar Cart Item BYGEL Utility Cart (MYR119)

Planning on providing your own italian soda bar? How can you go wrong with such a cool trolley. Item-BYGEL-Utility-Cart-MYR119

Ikea Cake Stand Items SKURAR Candle dish (MYR9.90) and ARYD Candlestick holder or ERSATTA Block candle holder (MYR29.90)

DIY Ikea cake stand hack! Using a candle dish and candlestick holder

Item Numbers: SKURAR-Candle-dish-MYR9.90-and-ARYD-Candlestick-holder-or-ERSATTA-Block-candle-holder-MYR29.90

Ikea Cupcakes Platter Item MALMA Mirror (MYR3.90)

Cupcake / appetizer platters. Item-MALMA-Mirror-MYR3.90

IKEA decorative pots with gypsophila as table decoration

Simple aisle flowers or table decor using Ikea decorative pots with gypsophila

Ikea KORKEN Bottle with stopper (MYR5.90).

Vintage bottles with plastic stoppers. These are at almost ALL the restaurants in Australia – so I’ve always been surprised they’re not popular here. For some reason they haven’t made there way to Canada, but they’re bound to come eventually!

Ikea SOCKER Plant pot (MYR3.90)

Another simple and eye catching flower concept using Ikea Socker Plants – $3.90ea

Ikea Socker Wedding Plant Pott - 0.99, item no 10155671

Ikea Socker Wedding Plant Pot – Item-no-10155671

Ikea Table Frame - Frosakull Frame, white - 4.99 - item number 102.328.63

Another variety of Ikea frames for your wedding tables / reception labels. $4.99ea – item-number-102.328.63

Ikea Table Frames NYTTJA Frame (MYR14.90:2 pieces)

And a third variety of Ikea frame!

Ikea Table Lantern for outdoor wedding reception - 12.99 - gottgora lantern for candle in metal cup - light pink - item no 60236156

These Ikea table lanterns are perfect for outdoor wedding receptions, and can easily be spray painted to match your reception colour scheme! Item-no-60236156

Ikea Wedding - Ensidig Vase, Clear Glass - 1.99 - item no 40233149

Simplicity is a core concept in Ikea design, which is something I love. Clear glass vase – $1.99 Item-no-40233149

Ikea Wedding Cake Stand with clear glass lid - arv brollop - 14.99, item number 40122550

If you’re not keen to make your own cake stand, this clear glass cake stand from Ikea is only $14.99! Item-number-40122550

Ikea Wedding Candles - Tidsenlig - Scented Candle in glass, pink - 2.99 - item no 00236282

You can never have enough candles / lighting at your reception! Tidsenlig-Scented-Candle-in-glass-pink-2.99-item-no-00236282

Ikea Wedding Coolers - SOCKER Plant pot (MYR3.90)

Another use for Ikea’s Socker Plant Pots – miniature ice coolers!

Ikea Wedding Dessert Bar Sign - TOLSBY Frame (MYR2.50)

The Ikea Tolsby frame makes another appearance in classic white – pretty sure the cool toothpicks are available at Ikea somewhere too.

Ikea Wedding Hacks Items

White wedding concepts from Ikea – simplistic & timeless.

Ikea Wedding Paper Products

Ikea has also recently come out with their own line of paper products!

Ikea Wedding HISTORISK Gift wrap, roll, light gray $7.99 3 pack Article Number 802.508.39

Historisk Gift Wrap – Item-Number-802.508.39

Ikea Wedding Photoframe as table marker

Yet another great Ikea photo frame with little vintage jars and accenting tablecloth/ribbons

Ikea Wedding Picture Frame Table Marker - Tolsby frame for 2 pictures, white - 0.99 - item number 30151035

The Tolsby frame from Ikea – Item Number 30151035

Ikea Wedding Tealights - sinnlig scented candle in metal cup, full blossom, lilac, 4.99 for 2 - item number 50236350

Tea lights are certainly nothing exclusive to Ikea – but they are a staple when it comes to creating ambience and lighting at an event. These scented variety add a pop of colour AND fragrance to your reception. Just be careful with the flames – for outdoor or potentially windy situations, electric versions can be a much safer solution!

4 Case and point - Ikea candles are enought to decorate a wedding reception all by themselves! You just need... well LOTS

Case and point – Ikea candles are enough to decorate a wedding reception all on their own! You just need… well, a LOT of them!

Ikea Wedding VISIONÄR Decoration $3.99 Article Number 802.510.80

Some globes and paper hangers from Ikeas paper line. Item-Number-802.510.80

Party Ice Bucket Item KNODD Bin with lid MYR59

Looking for an easy ice chest? Consider a classic cream bin – KNODD-Bin-with-lid-MYR59

Spraypainted Ikea Lanterns

This DIY trick is a great one – plain black lanterns from Ikea, spray painted gold (or any other colour to match your wedding theme!)

With a lick of blackboard paint, ENSIDIG vase turns into creative personalized drinks for each guest.

Take a lick of blackboard / chalkboard paint and turn your Ensidig vases into creative personalized drinks!

Garden party inspiration! A classic dining set like the ANGSÖ series from IKEA

When the weather is cooperative, there is nothing better than an outdoor wedding reception! This garden party inspiration was put together using Ikea products – featuring a classic dining set from the Anso series.

Ikea Solar Powered Lights, Lanterns, Paper Lanterns, Candles and more for your nighttime outdoor wedding reception!

Ikea has also come out with an extensive range of solar lights, lamps, and fixtures that make country weddings without power completely doable!

Ikea USA - Colorful fabrics and dinnerware make a perfect tablescape for outdoor dining.

Colourful fabrics and dinnerware make a perfect tablescape for outdoor dining – from Ikea USA

DIY Wedding - A homemade cake layered with cream and berries, set atop a mouth-blown glass AKTAD cake stand and decorated with fresh flowers is simply beautiful.

DIY wedding – A homemade cake layered with cream and berries, set atop a mouth blown glass AKTAD cake stand. Decorated with fresh flowers. Wow.

Fill clear glass ENSIDIG vases from IKEA with sliced lemons and sprays of flowers for fresh and inexpensive table decorations.

Clear glass Ensidig vases from Ikea with sliced lemons and sprays of flowers make for fresh and inexpensive table centrepieces!

For a modern twist on the traditional flower arrangement, group a variety of clear glass vases with randomly placed flowers together and bind with twine. Ikea hack

This Ikea hack features a modern twist on traditional flower arrangement, again using minimalism to shift the focus from the flowers onto the variety of clear glass vases. Bind with twine.

HEMNES dressing table - a beautiful spot to get ready for your wedding day close-ups.


IKEA tableware and glassware-mixed and matched to enchanting effect.

Ikea has also come out with a pretty extensive array of classy tableware and glassware. A simple but elegant table setting!

IKEA Wedding Ideas - A candle lit path adds a magical feeling to an outdoor wedding celebration. Use assorted candles, votives, and lanterns for an extra personal touch.

Candle lit paths add a magical feeling to outdoor wedding celebrations. Use assorted candles, votives and lanterns for variety in height and light.

Make a DIY tiered wedding cake with creative designs, like snowflakes for a winter wedding, with SOCKERKAKA baking molds and decorating tools.

Who said tiered wedding cakes had to be expensive? If you or someone you know makes a mean chocolate cake, these SOCKERKAKA baking molds and decorating tools will take you the rest of the way!

Show your wedding guests where you've been on your many adventures as a couple, or plan out new ones, with the PREMIÄR world map.

Another cool Ikea idea – display their Premiar world map at your reception to show your guests where you’ve been together!

SMYCKA - use artificial flowers in unique ways to make a big impact with a small budget.

There’s nothing like the real thing – but sometimes close is close enough! Smycka artificial flowers let you decorate a space without worrying about summer heat wilting expensive flowers before your guests even arrive! Big impact – small budget.

SOCKERÄRT - A white enamelware pitcher makes a beautiful vase for a rustic floral arrangement.

White enamel vase by SOCKERÄRT – a perfect flower holder for a rustic wedding theme!

Sometimes purchasing glassware for a wedding or event is more effective than renting - and you get to use them again!

Sometimes purchasing glassware can actually make more sense than renting – At least you’ll get to use em again, or make a deal with your bridesmaids, might as well divide the cost!

Wedding Day Decor - String up DIY fabric flags to make your wedding celebration feel like a day at the fair.

String up DIY fabric flags. Add some flare and fun to your outdoor reception or cocktail area.

Ceiling-mounted utensil rack, and handful of Hemma-Black cords with mason jar lights

IKEA chandelier hack – create using a ceiling mounted utensil rack, a handful of hemma black cords and mason jars!

DIY Cloud Lights for your Wedding using paper lanterns, cotton batton, cleansing pleats and hot glue! would love to see a room length version

These have got to be one of the coolest Ikea Hacks we’ve seen – DIY Cloud lights for your reception. All you need is paper lanterns, cotton batton, some cleansing pleats and hot glue. We’d LOVE to see someone make a giant room length version! A word of advice – make sure the lights you use inside are LED, and DON’T get hot!

Garland made with grapevine, string lights and paper lanterns. Cute for indoors or out.

Garlands are easy and inexpensive ways to add big charm to your reception – inside or out! String lights and paper lanterns from Ikea go a long way. Stock up when you see em on sale!

Ikea hack that is brilliant. curly willow added to Glansa pendant lamp. Another idea would be to switch out the decoration between seasons

This Ikea hack is brilliant. A Glansa pendant lamp with curvy willow branches added on after purchase. Very easy to modify this one to match the season your wedding takes place!

Ikea Winter Wedding Snowflake Lights

Ikea for winter weddings – snowflake string lights.

Mirror idea with these lights that I have from Ikea

Ikea mirror with added string lights. Easy, fast, awesome.

1 Barn wedding - use ikea lanterns to add elegance and ambience!

Use Ikea lanterns to add elegance and ambience in a big empty space. We recommend setting them up on dimmers to adjust to the mood!

2 Ikea Wedding Reception Hacks

Some other Ikea wedding reception ideas.

3 Ikea Outdoor Wedding Ideas - White lanterns with candles and stringlights form a breathtaking wedding aisle

White lanterns with candles below and string lights above form a breathtaking wedding aisle for a sunset or nighttime wedding ceremony.

5 Ikea String lights overhead can turn even a simple backyard event into something superbly special

Ikea string lights overhead can turn even a simple backyard event into something superb.

7 DIY Mason jar Ikea chandelier using old 1x4, Ikea mason jars and candles. Hang with strong twine.

DIY Mason jar chandelier using Ikea mason jars, candles and some old 1×4. Hang with strong twine.

6 Wedding Reception Ambience - brough to you by ikea stringlights overhead, and battery powered tealights on the tables. Throw in some delicious scented candles for good measure!

Reception Ambience brought to you by Ikea. Stringlights overhead, battery powered tealights on the tables. Throw in some delicious scented candles for good measure!

We hope these Ikea Wedding Decor ideas have inspired you and given you some ideas for decoration your wedding! We’d love to hear your new plans in the comments below :) For more wedding inspiration, check out this awesome article on chalkboard paint wedding ideas!

Until next time, Happy Planning!


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