Wedding Venues Around The World

Wedding Venues Around The World

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Destination Wedding Venues Around The World

Infographic – the cost of unique and amazing wedding venues around the world –

Ever wonder how much it would cost to get married at Disneyland? How about planning a wedding in Paris or Rome? Did you know you can even get married at Stonehenge?! This awesome wedding infographic from Wedding Paper Divas provides some of the coolest info ever on amazing wedding destinations (and the costs associated.) While many of these crazy wedding locations might seem out of reach, some of them are surprisingly affordable – if you’re willing to trade a big guest list for an intimate wedding at one of the worlds most amazing wedding venues. There are some crazy awesome destination wedding venues out there – who would have thought of a wedding on the Great Wall of China, a wedding ceremony at the Great Pyramids in Egypt, or reception on Ayers Rock in Australia?! We hope these amazing destination wedding venues of the world inspire you as you plan your own unforgettable day.

cost of unique wedding venues around the world - how much does it cost to get married in Disneyland? Stonehenge? Scotland? America? Hawaii? Great infographic


We were blown away by some of these unreal destination wedding locations. There are some amazing places to get married around the world – although personally we would favour a wedding in the warm Napa Valley over an Ice Palace!

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Scanning the globe for worldwide attractions, such as the Great Wall of China, Eiffel Tower and Pyramids of Giza, we grew curious not only how much it costs to visit these places, but how much it costs to have your dream wedding there.

Whether you choose to celebrate with your toes in the sand, suspended above a rainforest in a treehouse, inside a chilly igloo, or at a castle, we’ve got it all covered. From the modern, magical destination of Disney World to the primitive, mysterious boulders of Stonehenge, you’ve got choices galore.

Where will you spend your special day?