Top 12 Wedding Guest Complaints & How To Avoid Them!

Top 12 Wedding Guest Complaints & How To Avoid Them!

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Every couple wants to look back on their wedding day with nothing but fond memories.

The reality is that even the most perfect wedding is going to have its own little hiccups – but there are some common wedding planning mistakes that can be real disasters if you don’t know about them!

This week on Okanagan Bride, we sat down with Agatha from A Stylish Affair Wedding Planning in Kelowna, to learn about the top wedding complaints from guests, and how you can avoid these potential wedding day disasters!

So what are Agatha’s top Wedding Guest Complaints and tips for dealing with them? Watch the indepth interview here or read through our quick list below!



The 12 Wedding Guest Complaints:

Wedding Guest Complaint #1

Pick a great date – Too many couples make the easy mistake of choosing a date based on what works for them – instead of their guests. Not one that is awkward or likely to be bad weather. If you want a fall wedding or a christmas wedding, let your guests know far in advance to save the date and make arrangements and preparations

Wedding Guest Complaint #2

Invitation Confusion – Send an effective wedding invitation – include all the details your guests will need. What day? What time will the wedding take place? What is happening between the ceremony and reception? Am I allowed a plus one? Is there a registry? When is the RSVP required, and where do I RSVP? Are there any clothing requirements? Special travel arrangements for a hard to get to location? Weather back up plans? A great way for addressing plus ones is by listing the names for those who are invited ON the invitation.

Wedding Guest Complaint #3

Financially Frugal – Be careful of asking guests to contribute financially towards the wedding. For a lot of people, being asked to pay for alcohol or other portions of your wedding can be considered rude. If you can’t afford to pay for the entire event, you can consider shortening your guest list, or supplying a set number of drink tickets, signature drink etc. Choosing a venue that allows you to provide your own alcohol can also save on overall cost.

Wedding Guest Complaint #4

Climate Crisis – Be aware of the many different possible weather conditions your guests may encounter on your wedding day. A summer wedding outdoors in the Okanagan, Kelowna etc can seem like a fantastic idea, but 35 degree weather for 2 hours in the sun and no shade or beverages can create a very unenjoyable experience for your guests! Try to consider your guests comfort while they are outdoors and do whatever you can to improve their experience during the day.

Wedding Guest Complaint #5

Food!!! – Food is one of the biggest parts of a wedding celebration. Great food can make for a great evening, but a crummy wedding meal can make for a very disappointing experience all around. Include allergy notifications on your invitations, and try to select a menu that MOST of your guests will enjoy, rather than niche foods that only a few of your guests will enjoy. Do your best to include a vegetarian dish or option in your menu. A salad bar or buffet are both fantastic ways of serving your guests to ensure EVERYONE has something they’ll enjoy. Lastly, be sure to buy LOTS of food! The worst case scenario at a wedding is a reception where your guests don’t get enough to eat, which is why hiring a reputable and experienced caterer is such an advantage in planning your wedding.

Wedding Guest Complaint #6

Never Ending Toasts – Speeches can be some of the most meaningful parts of your wedding, but sometimes there can be too much of a good thing, especially if the speakers aren’t particularly entertaining in their toasts. A good way of dealing with this can be by letting your speech givers know you’d like them to keep their speech under 5 minutes. An okay 15 minute speech will make a fantastic 5 minute speech – so compressing content is a great approach. As a final safety for a long winded speech, having the DJ stand by with some music to fade in when the speaker has crossed the time limit can be a good cue for them to wrap up their speech.

Wedding Guest Complaint #7

Disorganization and Timeline Frustration – When you don’t have the help of a wedding planner who understands the timeline needed for a wedding day, staying on schedule can be a struggle. Its important to remember to budget time for traveling between locations, time for visiting before and after each portion of the day, enough time to eat, visit etc. Its also important not to dedicate TOO MUCH time to any portions of the day. More than 2 hours before the ceremony and reception can be a frustration for guests who have traveled from their homes to see you and be part of your day, and are left stranded and with nothing to do. Canapes and Appetizers help as a segway between your ceremony and reception. Another option to ensure you can spend more of your day with the guests you’ve invited is by scheduling part or all of your photo shoot BEFORE the ceremony begins, or hosting your ceremony and reception at a location where you can also take photos.

Wedding Guest Complaint #8

Never Connecting With Your Guests! – Its one thing to invite your guests to the wedding, but if you don’t even say hello to your guests, it can be a huge disappointment to the people who love you and have made an effort to join you on such a special day.  Much of solving this problem comes down to planning your timeline accordingly to allow time to say hello and to visit. If you don’t want to do a traditional receiving line, you and your spouse can go between tables after you’ve finished eating and your guests are still being served.

Wedding Guest Complaint #9

No Thankyou or Followup! – Your guests have set aside time and money to attend your wedding day. Many have also given you gifts or donated towards your wedding budget, so tts very important to recognize and appreciate them after the wedding has come and gone. Sending out a thankyou card or email containing some photos from the day goes a long way towards making your guests feel loved.

Wedding Guest Complaint #10

Pricey Accommodation – Provide more than one hotel suggestion to cater to different budgets. Consider suggesting a range of hotels, motels, or even RV Parks or relatives in town with spare rooms for the wide range of financial situations your guests are coming from.


Wedding Guest Complaint #11

Music is Key – Play a variety that caters to all age ranges, and keep your volume at a reasonable level for your grandparents and other elderly guests. Considering seating them further from the DJ and speakers based on age.

Wedding Guest Complaint #12

Address Children – Paying for the children of your guests can be a large expense, so dealing with this tactfully is key. Including info about whether children are invited on your invitation can go a long way, and consider a special email or phone call to guests you know have children they’d like to bring.


We hope these top 12 most common wedding guest complaints have been helpful to your wedding planning. If you can ensure you don’t fall into these wedding planning pitfalls, you’ll go a long way to hosting a wedding your guests rave about for years to come!

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