photo of couple in rowboat on golden pond at sunset

Summerland Engagement Photography

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Kelsey & Arturs Summerland Engagement Photography session was so much fun! We LOVE it when couples find new and unique locations for engagement photos. Being photographers themselves, Kelsey & Artur found some stunning spots :) At first we were hesitant about driving all the way past Kelowna into Summerland, but it was well worth the trip for the picturesque orchard meadows, and to top it off the perfect pond with vintage rowboat! We can’t wait for Kelsey & Artur’s wedding here in Kelowna this summer.  Check out the Summerland Engagement photos below!

*Update* Be sure to check out Kelsey & Artur’s Vernon Wedding Photography after this!

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We always love taking Summerland engagement photos! We had such a good time photographing Kelsey & Artur’s engagement photos here in Summerland / Kelowna – they picked some amazing engagement photography locations :) 

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