Kelowna Wedding Styled Shoot

Kelowna Wedding Styled Shoot

Tailored Fit Photography

As full time photographers we see a LOT of weddings – There is no mistaking what is trending. We’ve been to our fair share of vintage, whimsical rustic receptions and ceremonies – But every once and a while we get the chance to break the mold and push the boundaries a little bit.Having recently come from Australia we’d seen some darker styles starting to emerge, and so when we connected with a local wedding planner with a heart to try something new and off the beaten wedding path, we jumped on it!

One of our favorite parts of the shoot was incorporating smoke bombs into the photos – These can be purchased in America via amazon, but in Canada they won’t make it past the border! After ordering some unsuccessfully, our incredible planner Chelsey Lockerby managed to find a local paintball place that had some in bright colours for us. You don’t get much time once they’re lit (about 10 seconds each!) so we had to be quick! If you are thinking about using smoke bombs at your wedding or having a smoke bomb wedding yourself, definitely keep this in mind. We were originally a little worried the smoke bombs would stain the wedding dress / wedding elements, but we found that even though the coloured smoke grenades sent giant clouds all around our models, the wedding dress stayed completely clean. No guarantees on every brand of smoke bombs for wedding photos, but at least ours were safe. They work like a flare – Coloured smoke begins to erupt from the smoke bomb when you pull the pin on the end. They do get a little warm in your hands, but as long as you aren’t covering the vent for the smoke to escape, its completely safe. Definitely use caution if you’re considering ordering any wedding smoke bombs for your wedding photography. Use at your own risk. Hope this is helpful — if you have any questions about using colored smoke or smoke bombs for your wedding photography just ask them in the comments below!

We love the dreamy brooding vibes they bring to photos and will definitely be adding some to our photo-bag for future shoots. This dark and brooding styled shoot was the work of an incredible team of Kelowna wedding vendors, and we had an amazing time putting together some creative ideas that hopefully will bring inspiration to any brides looking for unique wedding elements and darker stylings.


Kelowna Wedding Decorator – Tyler O’Hara with Defining Decor email: website:

Kris with Inspirado Designs email: website:
Kelowna Dress Designer – Chelsea with Red Velvet Bridal Design email:  website:
Kelowna Models – Sabrina with Deja Vu Models email: website: (Models Lindsay and Paul)
Kelowna Florist – Connie with Sweet Elegance Floral Designs email:  website:
Kelowna Rentals – All Occasions Party & Event Rentals   email:     website:
Kelowna Wedding Venue – Heather with Fresh From the Farm (only have Facebook)
Kelowna Wedding Photographer – Ryan and Jordan with Tailored Fit Photography
Kelowna Event Planner – Chelsey with Shabby Chic Wedding & Event Boutique website:
Kelowna Cake Bakery – Tanya from Whisk Cake Company:

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