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Should I Write My Own Personal Wedding Vows?

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Are you asking the question: “Should I write my own personal wedding vows?”

Our answer is ABSOLUTELY. But let us elaborate a little on just why personal wedding vows are such an amazing part of a wedding.

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Here’s why you absolutely HAVE to write your own personal wedding vows:

Should I Write My Own Wedding Vows Reason # 1 – Personality.

We guarantee that 10 years from now, you’ll hardly remember the ceremony. Personal Wedding Vows however are something you’ll never forget. They make your wedding ceremony unique. They make it personal to you. Without them, your ceremony will be just like everyone else’s. You’ll put on that ring, hear those magic words: “kiss the bride”, and then you’re pronounced husband and wife. While these things are great – don’t you want something a little more personal and unique to you?


Should I Write My Own Personal Wedding Vows Reason # 2 – A Public Declaration

Here’s what we heard one such couple, Ricardo McRae and Gloria Roheim McRae say about choosing to write personal wedding vows:

“I thought of it as one of the most intimate moments that you can have in life,” Ricardo said. “I just couldn’t think of any reason why I would have someone else decide what I should say in that moment.”

Wow. Written vows let you publicly declare to friends, family, and most importantly each other – the love and commitment you share. Making promises that you yourself have created is a powerful statement to each other and to your friends. Its a statement to your family. Its a statement to your community. Declaring your vows publicly emphasizes their importance, and reminds those who hear you to support you in keeping your word.

If writing your vows all alone seems daunting, you can consider writing your vows together and saying identical words. Or each of you may have your own slant on what you want to promise, and your vows will be quite different. Either way, The important thing is that your promises are authentic, and that you both understand what you are promising each other.


Should I Write My Own Personal Wedding Vows Reason # 3 – Engage those Emotions

We love personal wedding vows as photographers and videographers because they tend to show more of who you are. It makes for a far more engaging ceremony for your friends and family as well as for amazing photos and video of such an emotional moment for you two.
Most of all – imagine how great it will be to hear personal vows from your fiance, written just for you. Its a chance to hear your fiance share their feelings for you, and the promises they make to you for the rest of their lives. Its an amazing way to start a marriage together.


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If you DO decide to write your own personal wedding vows:

If doing personal vows is something you and your fiance decide to do, we’re thrilled for you! Our only tip is not to put too much pressure on yourself – You don’t want to be so worried about your own speech that you don’t even listen to your partners as they are expressing their own love and admiration for you.


Remember – You can always write personal letters to each other instead!

If the idea of sharing vows in public terrifies you, another great alternative is to write a personal letter to each other. That way you can still have a personal experience, in a more private and comfortable setting.

Writing Your Own Personal Wedding Vows Final Words:

If you just feel too overwhelmed at the thought of personal vows, don’t let us or others pressure you into it. Choosing not to give personal vows doesn’t mean that you love each other less than the couples who do. Everyone has their own personal preferences and ways of expressing their love and at the end of the day, it’s no one’s day other than yours and your partners.Regardless of whether you are writing personal vows, your wedding is going to be amazing and unforgettable.

We think writing personal vows is something every couple should do. Hopefully this sheds a little light on why you should write your own personal wedding vows, and why personal wedding vows are so meaningful and worthwhile. We hope now you can answer to the questions “should I write my own wedding vows?” “should I write personal wedding vows?” and “are personal wedding vows worthwhile?”. Our answer to all these questions is YES :)


That’s it for now – hopefully these points on writing your personal wedding vows make it easier to decide whether its something you and your fiance should do. Check out our other blogs for more wedding tips and tricks – and contact us if you have any wedding videography questions, or want to book your own Kelowna Wedding Video


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Trying to decide if you should write your own wedding vows? Are personal wedding vows worth it? Whats the point of writing your own wedding vows? How do you get started writing your wedding vows? We hope we can shed some light on the topic of wedding vows – so that you can wax poetic and leave your fiance spellbound and starstruck!