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Okanagan Wedding Photographers

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Before you start searching, be warned! You might be overwhelmed.Honestly there are a TON of Okanagan Wedding Photographers to choose from. The reason is simple. Practically every the Okanagan Photographer offers wedding services – even if Okanagan Wedding Photography is a small part of their overall business. Some studios take a Jack of All Trades approach, offering newborns, portraits, glamour, landscape, commercial photography, and everything else but the kitchen sink. Others take a more specialized approach, focusing on honing their craft and becoming amazing in one specific area of photography. We’ve put together a list of ALL the wedding photographers in the Okanagan – because while we’d obviously love to be considered for your wedding photography, we want you to know what else is out there. We’ve put together a list of ALL the Okanagan Photographers in Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon & Kamloops we could find, to save you the trouble of endless google searches for “Okanagan Wedding Photographers” 

Choosing An Okanagan Wedding Photographer

Like any other craft, there are many different KINDS of photographers. Some photograph everything – portraits, formals, grads, events, weddings & birthdays. Others specialise. They hone in on one particular area and master it. Our advice would be find a photographer who specialises in weddings. Just because someone takes great wildlife photos doesn’t mean they’ll be comfortable and prepared for the very different situations and settings that pop up when photographing a wedding.

Their are a few key criteria that every couple no doubt has in mind:

Photographer Price – How much are we willing to spend? Can we REALLY afford this?

Style/Portfolio – Do we LOVE the work this studio produces? Does it fit our style?

Trust & Relationship – Can I trust this photographer with such a big decision? Will they be fun to work with? Can I feel comfortable around this person?

Price – This is in here twice – Because even if I love the work and trust the studio, are they REALLY worth that much more than my cousin who has a nice camera and will it for $500?

You get one shot at your wedding day – you spend a LOT of time, and a LOT of money on an incredible start to your adventures together. Many couples feel the pressure of all those costs adding up. They think they’ll save a little by going with a photographer who is “in their price range” rather than one whose work they LOVE. Best case, they might get some alright photos (But still not the ones from the photographer they LOVED) – but worst case scenario, going with a less experienced photographer they might wind up missing photos major moments, or with photos that leave them disappointed. In the short term the price can be lower – but in the long term the cost is much higher. By all means price is a factor in your wedding photography, don’t let it be the deciding factor!

We’ve put together this list of all the Okanagan Wedding Photographers we could find. We’ve only worked with a handful But we wanted to gather all of their info together on one easy to reference page. Some are wedding photographers, some are photographers who also shoot weddings. Some start at $4500, some at $2500. But don’t make your decision based on price. You want photography you LOVE, with a photographer you trust and who will not only take incredible photos, but make sure you have an incredible time on your wedding day. Forever only starts once :)

Without further ado,

Okanagan Wedding Photographers:

Tailored Fit Photography:

Capture every minute – Savour every moment. We want to create capture candid, timeless wedding artwork that takes you back to those memories and emotions for years and generations to come. Timeless imagery means your wedding photos won’t be dated 5 or 10 years down the road. Candid photography means you can stay in the day, and we’ll capture those moments without you needing to worry about our wedding becoming one big photoshoot. We want you to be 100% sure we’re the right fit for you, so we offer a FREE engagement session with every enquiry. Click here to book yours today!

Wedding Photographer Website:


Kalamalka Lake Wedding - Vernon Wedding Photographer Tailored Fit Photography-0007

 Julia Ufimzeff Photography:

We could tell you a bit about Julia, but we think she does a pretty good job herself:

“There are a lot of things that I love, but a couple of my favourites have to be People & Photography. I absolutely love working with people, and I definitely haven’t put down a camera ever since our family got their first digital camera. (For some reason they could never seem to find it after that!).”

Gorgeous photos, and an absolute pleasure to work with!

Julia Ufimzeff Website:


Julia Ufimzeff Photography - Okanagan and Kelowna Photographer

Draht Photography:

My goal is to create emotional symbolism in my photographs. To deliver professional and affordable service, with a splash of imagination. I’ve won a few awards and have been recognized in this past decade for wedding photography, so there must be something to it.My promise to you is that I will never ask anything of you that is not honest. I am only interested in real emotions, real expressions, and real smiles. So that everything you see when you look back on your special day is nothing but the most authentic record of the day.

Draht Photography Website:


okanagan wedding photographer full list guide - see all kelowna wedding photographers

Royce Shilis Photography:

Royce Shilis has his name among top wedding photographers of the Okanagan. A) Because his work is fantastic, and B) Because he is SO fun to work with! Honestly while some of the photographers on this list we’ve never interacted with before, Royce is one we know and love to work with because he’s a great guy and a lot of fun.

Royce Shilis Website link:


Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 11.33.47 AM

Karla Rosalin Photography:

Located in British Columbia, Karla Rosalin photography specializes in scenic wedding photography. If you w ant to capture romantic as well as emotional size of your wedding then you might want to finalize this photography service since they are the best when it comes to that.

Karla Rosalin Website:


Karla Rosalin Photography

Darren Hull Studios:

Darren Hull studios has a unique photography style and has been in the Okanagan for quite some time. If you are planning on hiring services of Hull studios you’d better book early

Darren Hull Studios Website:


Darren Hull Studios

Jessica Zais Photography:

A good reputed professional photographer who provides her services as a wedding, boudoir, grad and family photographer, she is best known for her impressive photography at popular wedding venue in Canada that is Okanagan. She was also listed among 30 most inspiring Canadian photographers of 2011 and 2012.

Jessica Zais Photography Website:



Jessica Zais Photography

Camillia Courts Photography

Since I was very young, I’ve always wanted to have pictures taken of the important moments and events in my life. Each time I look through my albums or scroll through my digital pictures, every image evokes a memory or a feeling. Happy or sad, hilarious or tender, the images never fail to bring the feelings of the day to light.

Camillia Courts Photography Website:


Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Abby photography by Elisha Stewart:

Abby photography specializes in wedding photography where the natural sceneries and artistic backgrounds are demanded. If you are looking for an amazing shoot anywhere in Canada then the passionate and dedicated services of this phenomenal photographer can be hired.

Abby Photography Website:


Abby Photography

Kevin Trowbridge Photography:

Kevin provides the amazing wedding services in Kelowna in a very experienced way since he has a earning reputation and photography experience of 12 years. This photography service is ideal for those who are in need of a romantic and charming photo shots. Kevin is also famous for his beautifully captured portrait wedding photography.

Kevin Trowbridge Website:


Kevin Towbridge Photography

Alisha Khan Photography:

Alisha khan is a very well known photographer in Kelowna whose work can be found in a lot of magazines. She offers wedding services in Okanagan, Vancouver, Alberta or any other international destination.

Alisha Khan Website:


Alisha Khan Photography

Joshua Dickau Photography

Joshua Dickau is a Vernon based portrait photographer with lots of experience photographing Okanagan weddings.

Joshua Dickau Photography Website:


Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Jessica Balfour Photography:

Jessica Balfour Photography Studio provides many different types of photography, including weddings, newborns and portraits.

Jessica Balfour Photography Website:


10 Okanagan Wedding

Kreative Beginnings Photography:

Kreative Beginnings Photography specializes in weddings and also offers portraiture.

Kreative Beginnings Photography Website:


okanagan wedding photographer full list guide - see all kelowna wedding photographers

Okanagan wedding photographers cont’d

Suzzane le Stage photography:

Suzzane Le Stage is yet another award winning wedding photographer in the Okanagan. Best known for her close up photography, if you’re looking for this style of wedding photography Eyes of Le Stage might be for you.

Suzanne Le Stage Photography Website link:


12 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Jenna Hill Photography:

Jenna Hill photography studio can reach at any place you want. From Kelowna, Vernon, Osoyoos, Naramata, Calgary, Vancouver, France, Banff to Mexico, Jenna has won a lot of awards from different shows like Trendy Bride and Once Wed. She has an amazing reputation of earning 8 such impressive awards.

Jenna Hill Photography Website link:


13 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Carolyn Carson Photography:

Having a good reputation in wedding photography, Carson photography studios offers a great option to choose from. This studio specializes in photography and digital imagery. Carson Photography is well known for its work at some cool venues. This photography studio offers destination photography from Hawaii to Thailand.

Carolyn Carson Photography Website link:


14 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Kelowna Wedding Photographers:

Kelowna Wedding photographers specialize in uniquely styled photography. If you are looking for a fun based photography then this studio is a great choice.

Studio Website link:


15 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Okanagan Photography:

At Okanagan Photography, the people in the photos and the environment around them are both given special focus.

Studio Website link:


16 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Wedded Bliss Photography:

Specialized in wedding photography, Wedded Bliss has a good reputation in this field as it is a award holder of bride.ca (editors pick) for taking the best engagement and best wedding photo. It offers its services in all kind of testimonials as well as weddings. Everyone genre of wedding photography is practiced here.

Wedded Bliss Photography Website:

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 11.34.06 AM

Christopher Stewart Photographers:

Having years of versatile experience in photography, Christopher Stewart Photographers are best known for a wide variety of cultural photography. If you desire cultural and traditional photography full of amazingly cool natural scenes then this studio will satisfy.

Christopher Stewart Photographers Website link:


17 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Candid Apple Photography and Design:

Candid Apple photography provides a wide variety of photography services. In Kelowna, this photography studio will capture all the happy moments and scenes of the wedding ceremony in a brilliant way, and a wide variety of album design options.

Candid Apple Photography Website link:


18 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Sarah Beebe Photography:

After earning handsome amount of awards in photography, Sarah Beebe Photography has made an impression in Kelowna. This studio provides beautiful results when it comes to wedding photography. Their goal is to create a pleasant event filled with a lot of happiness and joy – which are obviously things every couple wants on their wedding day!

Sarah Beebe Photography Website link:


19 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

White Willow Photography:

If you are a fan of purely artistic and romantic photography then meet White Willow Photography. With beautiful scenes and backgrounds, they capture some truly romantic moments in their work.

White Willow Photography Website link:


20 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Joel’s View Photography:

Joel’s View Photography has an awesome reputation and 8 years experience in the field of wedding photography. Joel is a great guy to work with and his creative eye and striking editing style is hard to come by. Definite 2 thumbs up!

Joel’s View Photography Website link:


21 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Photography West:

Photography West specializes in capturing the best memories f your wedding ceremony that will last for life time. This established photography studio has a vast experience of wedding photography which extends to Okanagan Valley. They’ve been photographing weddings for 9 years.

Photography West Website link:


22 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Barnett Photography:

“We fell in love long ago, got married, and started Barnett Photography as a husband and wife dynamic duo. We LOVE shooting weddings together! We are Texan Canadians. Proud of our Houston, Texas roots but forming deep roots in the Great White North in Kelowna, British Columbia in the beautiful Okanagan Valley. We love modern art. We love reading the Bible. We love oreos.”

Barnett Photography Website


Barnett Photography

N & D photography:

If you want an extraordinary photographer, who focuses on the bride and groom in a very detailed and thorough way, that’s what N & D photography is all about. They will take over all of your photography responsibilities in order to make your wedding an easy and a good one.

N&D Photography Website link:


24 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Tailored Fit Photography:

Hi! We are Ryan & Jordan, a husband and wife photography team and the owners of Tailored Fit. We love people. We love their stories. We love to photograph dreamers & explorers, artists & risk-takers and – best of all – CRAZY-IN-LOVE couples. We believe life is meant to be a beautiful adventure – one that is built around something bigger than us, and meant to be shared with others. One that is spent pursuing passions, and investing in the lives of those around you. We are blown away grateful to be able to do what we love every single day. Impacting people through art and working at a craft that we both love has always been the dream. This is the passion and heart behind every photograph at Tailored Fit Photography.

Wedding Photographer Website:


Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Memories by Michelle photography:

Derived by her unconditional love for photography, Michelle is an excellent photographer who not only shoots on weddings but her services are welcome to get on other occasions as well.

Memories by Michelle Website link:


26 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

 Neil Slattery Photography:

“Wine is red, jazz is cool and women are awesome”, Neil Slattery photography makes the best out of the wedding ceremonies by capturing the most beautiful moments on this highly spiritual occasion of happiness.

Neil Slattery Photography Website link:


27 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Basil Cooper photography:

Basil Cooper is an award winning photography studio in the Okanagan which offers splendid photography services on wedding ceremonies.

Basil Cooper Website link:


28 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Lori Brown Photography:

Documentary photography of mixed photojournalism and portrait based wedding photography.

Lori Brown Photography Website link:

http://www.loribrownphotography.com/the Okanagan-wedding-photographer/

30 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Pixel Story Photography:

Among the Okanagan wedding photography studios, Pixel Story is a well known name.

Pixel Story Photography Website link:


33 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

 Kaylyn Leanne Photography:

“Capturing your heart through the lense” Kaylyn Leanne Photography.

Kaylyn Photography Website link:


34 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Aviva Studios:

Aviva Studio has good professional experience producing quality, value and the convenience of onsite photography, with a personal touch and artistic effects.

Aviva StudiosWebsite link:

http://the Okanaganphotographer.com/

35 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Darren Roberts Photography – Calgary:

Darren Roberts is a Calgary based photographer who occasionally makes his way into the the Okanagan. We’ve included him because his portraiture and portfolio are exceptional.

Darren Roberts Photography Website link:

http://www.darrenroberts.ca/2014/07/the Okanagan-wedding-photographers-calgary/

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 11.04.02 AM

Tara Peach Photography:

Tara Peach Photography offers bright and airy wedding photography with stylish flair and elegance.

Tara Peach Photography Website link:


Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 11.05.29 AM

Karla Rosalin Photography:

Karla Rosalin Photography creates a natural lighting environment photographing weddings around the the Okanagan.

Karla Rosalin Website link:


karla rosalin photography

Rhea Taylor Photography:

Rhea is a professional photographer who has been in the Okanagan for some time, with a passion for capturing moments and wedding photography.

Rhea Taylor Photography Website link:


40 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Ivenkaye Photographic:

Ivenkaye has built their photography study around elegant and luxurious wedding photography.

Ivenkaye Photographic Website link:


41 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Keylight Photography:

Keylight Photography serves the Okanagan, Vernon and the Okanagan Valley.

Keylight Photography Website link:

http://the Okanagan-photographer.com/

42 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

 Marijanel Weddings:

Marijanel Weddings is a wedding photography studio passionate about relationship, photography and the beauty of the wedding day.

Marijanel Weddings Website link:


43 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Janelle Photography:

Janelle Photography is all about connection – taking a photo is easy, capturing the emotion behind a moment is much harder.

Janelle PhotographyWebsite link:


44 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Brandon Scott Photography:

As a destination wedding photographer, Brandon Scott Photography isn’t local to the Okanagan, but we’ve seen them here before and their work is certainly worth checking out :)

Brandon Scott Photography Website link:


45 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Lindsay Gee Photography:

Lindsay Gee Photography specializes in family lifestyle photography and wedding photography. At Lindsay Gee, photographers are about “capturing life”.

Lindsay Gee Photography Website link:


46 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Voth Photography:

Voth Photography is available the Okanagan wide for weddings, portraits and a wide range of photography.

Voth Photography Website link:


47 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Brown Studio:

This photography studio serves the wedding ceremonies in a way that is both modern and fun. It captures the personality of every couple and then presents it on artistic portraits using the Okanagan’s most beautiful and natural locations.

Brown Studio Website link:


31 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Codio Photography:

Capturing life’s memories, Codio Photography captures the funky and funny part of wedding photography.

Codio Photography Website link:


Okanagan Wedding Photographers

689 Photography:

Megan Reid from 689 photography has been photographing weddings in Kelowna for almost a decade

689 Photography Website link:


Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 1.52.00 PM

Heatherly Photography:

Heatherly Photography is not just a wedding photography studio but a studio offering many different types of photography in the Okanagan.

Heatherly Photography Website link:


Heatherly Photography 48 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Jessica Andy Wedding Photography:

Jessica Andy – Sensitive touch with natural beauty.

Jessica Andy Photography Website:


8 Okanagan Wedding

Angela Brooks Photography:

Angela is a lifestyle photographer dedicated to capturing people pursuing their passion; the sublime moments in life. Whether it’s capturing your beautiful wedding day or a special moment with family, her goal is to photograph and display your accomplishments in life, no matter how big or small.

Angela Brooks Photography Website:


Angela Brooks Photography

Jennifer Hodder Photography:

Jennifer is eager to capture the special moments in your life as you share them with your family and friends.

Wedding Photography
Engagement Shoots
Maternity Photos
Family Portraits
Newborn Photography

Jennifer Hodder Photography Website


Jennifer Hodder Photography

Wyman Gallery Photography:

Located in the Okanagan

Wyman Gallery Photography Website:


49 Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Tailored Fit Photography:

Hi! We are Ryan & Jordan, a husband and wife photography team and the owners of Tailored Fit. We love people. We love their stories. We love to photograph dreamers & explorers, artists & risk-takers and – best of all – CRAZY-IN-LOVE couples. We believe life is meant to be a beautiful adventure – one that is built around something bigger than us, and meant to be shared with others. One that is spent pursuing passions, and investing in the lives of those around you. We are blown away grateful to be able to do what we love every single day. Impacting people through art and working at a craft that we both love has always been the dream. This is the passion and heart behind every photograph at Tailored Fit Photography.

Wedding Photographer Website:


3792 Carrall Rd, West Kelowna, BC V4T

That’s our list of Okanagan Wedding Photographers

Hopefully this list gives you a few great leads to look into for choosing your Okanagan Wedding Photographer. Finding an Okanagan Wedding Photographer takes time, but once that decision is made, your wedding planning can really take off :)

Have a question? Contact us and we’ll get right back to you :)

The Team @ Tailored Fit Photography

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