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We want to share our wedding photographer tips for brilliant and natural wedding photography and videography

Very few couples are professional models – which means posing can mean feeling both uncomfortable and a little ridiculous. There’s no need to fear however – finding a wedding photographer and videographer who allow you to feel comfortable, be yourselves and have a good time is the simplest way to overcome nerves and be yourselves on the wedding day. Knowledgeable wedding photographers and videographers know how to pose you to perfection – while still keeping it natural and capturing that spontaneous emotion. We’ve put together a few key tips for the different parts of the day. A wedding PEP talk: Position, Expression & Posing. Following these tips and tricks can be a huge help in crafting a gorgeous wedding video.

For an in depth guide to help you pose like a pro, check out this great post by Signature Edits: https://www.signatureedits.com/selfie-poses/

For Your Portrait


During formal pictures, stand at a slight angle, not straight on. Remember the basics: Take a deep breath, exhale, then tilt your chin down and look up. The light plays a huge role in defining your face and giving it shape – a great wedding photographer knows how to seek out light that will flatter your body type and make it look its absolute best.

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There is no substitute for being comfortable and acting natural. Having a relationship with your photographer and videographer can go a long way in allowing you to relax and just be yourself. The best photos and films are always the sincere ones – so don’t be afraid to be real! Laugh, cry, and trust your photographer and videographer to capture those moments.


Photos of Vernon Golf and Country Club - Wedding Photography by Tailored Fit Photography


From a young age we’re prompted by mothers everywhere to “stand up straight and tall” in the family photographs. This is really a huge disservice to you! Our bodies are meant to have shape, not stand rigid and tight. When standing, place your weight on one hip, which will offset your shoulders. Leaning your head slightly towards your higher shoulder will produce a more feminine/sensitive feeling while leaning towards the lower shoulder will be perceived as more regal and elegant. Keep your arms from falling straight at your side, and place a slight bend in the wrists. If in doubt, ask your wedding photographer for feedback :)



Photos of Vernon Golf and Country Club - Wedding Photography by Tailored Fit Photography


You’ve planned for months and dreamt of this day your entire life – its OKAY to be nervous, and its okay to show it! In fact, the best wedding albums are the ones that capture these real moments. Raw emotions make for fantastic stories and wedding photography.





Take a couple minute alone to savour the moment – you’re now officially married! Your wedding photographer and videographer can use longer lenses to allow you two a private moment, while still capturing it discretely from a distance.

Harvest Golf Club Wedding Photos by Kelowna Wedding Photographer Tailored Fit Photography


Hold hands and take a walk – the wind blowing the dress and adding energy to your hair makes for great shots.

Harvest Golf Club Wedding Photos by Kelowna Wedding Photographer Tailored Fit Photography


Its your wedding – people won’t mind! Have a good time and don’t be afraid to let your affection show. When you let your guard down, thats where the real magic is for wedding photography.


It can be cool to incorporate parts of the scenery into your wedding photos. If there is a field of long golden grass, take a stroll through it. If you’re near to the lake, why don’t you paddle out in a rowboat? No matter where you are in the Okanagan, you’re guaranteed to have something unique at your location to incorporate. If you’re still deciding, check out our Okanagan wedding venues and locations.

Wedding Photos Taken at the Kelowna Marina Harbour with the Grand Delta in the Background.




With Your Wedding Party


A great backdrop with good light practically guarantees a winning photo! In the Okanagan we’re so blessed to have stunning landscapes and views practically everywhere we go – so take advantage of that for your wedding film! Generally your wedding photographer is after more than just photos of lined up and posing, so take some time to just hang out and act natural between each shot. Enjoy the moment!

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Just like with the bride and groom, a stroll with the wedding party is great. We can even grab shots of you walking from location to location – so have a good time and do your best to forget about the wedding photographer or wedding videographer, so we can catch those in between moments.


Like our image above, terracing the height of your bridal party adds dimension and interest to your wedding photographs and wedding video. Look for somewhere a portion of the bridal party can sit, while a second row behind can stand. Be creative and mix it up.



Staggering the people in your wedding photography can be really effective, and move away from the posed look.


Most men aren’t runway models – so posing is going to feel unnatural and awkward to them. We love to capture the guys doing something – clinking Scotch glasses, playing some football or doing what guys do. Let them have a good time! 

Photos of Vernon Golf and Country Club - Wedding Photography by Tailored Fit Photography





Following these poses can be a huge help in crafting gorgeous wedding photography you’ll cherish forever. But there is one last tip that we think outweighs all of the rest when it comes to killer wedding photos:


At the end of the day, its usually not the posed shots that people rave about – its those candid moments when magic is in the air, and for a few split seconds everyone forgets about the cameras and just enjoys the moment. That is our number one tip and also our number one goal as your Okanagan Wedding photographers – to not have you see us as the cameramen, but as friends who are there to have a good time and catch it on film while it happens.


Hope these tips are a help to you! Check back for more tips, and be sure to get in touch with any wedding photography questions, or for Okanagan wedding photography bookings. Of course, we’re available for destinations worldwide – but some of our most cherished wedding photos are from wedding albums shot at home here in the Okanagan. Get in touch! Be sure to check out Tailored Fit Films if you’re looking for an Okanagan Wedding Film Studio or Kelowna Wedding Videographer



Happy Planning


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