Should you have a DJ or Live Band For Your Wedding?

Should you have a DJ or Live Band For Your Wedding?

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Should you hire a band, or a DJ for your wedding ceremony & Reception?

There’s no doubt music can both make and break your wedding day. Its at the core of keeping your guests on the dance floor and having a great time, or sitting at their tables staring at their phones. Wanting awesome music at your wedding is a given. But deciding between a pumping live band or a great DJ can be a tricky decision. Finding one comes down to asking around, browsing the internet, and making a move quickly – because either way, the top talents get booked up at least a year in advance for popular dates. In the end it all comes down to which type of music will fit your particular tastes, budget, venue and guests. So should you have a DJ or Live Band for your wedding?

We sat down with wedding planner Laura from English Rose Weddings, who lays out the pros and cons of each approach:

We learned a lot from Laura’s insights into booking live music and Dj’s, and the different advantages for each. Hopefully these tips and tricks make choosing between a live band and a DJ for your wedding a little less challenging!

What do you think? Live Band or DJ? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. usic playlist, or having a live wedding band play. It would be much cheaper to have a playlist on shuffle, but it would lack the energy of a band. I definitely want to make it a memorable experience for my future husband and I, and for our guests. I’ll have to do some price shopping for local bands and consider it, but I’m still on the fence for now. Your article had great points to consider, thank you!

  2. I had no idea that bands were booked a year in advance when hiring them for a wedding. My fiance and I want our reception to be very fun and exciting, so it’s memorable for everyone. I definitely feel like a live band could really help to make the experience special.

  3. No kidding Chris! Definitely a head start is the best thing you can do when it comes to planning the perfect day :) Good luck!

  4. I’m really glad you mentioned that bands are booked a year in advance. My boyfriend and I have been talking about getting married next year in the autumn, but we haven’t made any plans. If we want to have a wedding reception band, we had better book one now while they’re still available.

  5. Glad to hear it Hannah! Good luck with everything :)

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