Beach Wedding Photos – Long Reef Golf Club Wedding

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Beach wedding photography is a love hate relationship for us. Why? Because beach weddings are incredible. The atmosphere of it all. The sound of the waves hitting the shore, the smell of sea salt in the air, the sun shining down. Two people promising their lives together is a beautiful thing, and there is no doubt that a beach wedding …

T&K’s Gorgeous Sanctuary Gardens Wedding & Tantalus Winery Reception

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SANCTUARY GARDENS KELOWNA WEDDING Every Sanctuary Gardens wedding is gorgeous, but Thomas & Kayla’s wedding at Sanctuary Gardens might have been the most breathtaking we have ever seen. Perfectly suited for a couple with one of the cutest love stories we’ve ever heard! As you probably know, high school romances are normally short and sweet. Begin with an intense spark of …

Okanagan Wedding Photographers

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Okanagan Wedding Photographers The Complete Guide PLANNING A WEDDING IN THE OKANAGAN, BUT DON’T KNOW HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR OKANAGAN WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER?  Before you start searching, be warned! You might be overwhelmed.Honestly there are a TON of Okanagan Wedding Photographers to choose from. The reason is simple. Practically every the Okanagan Photographer offers wedding services – even if Okanagan Wedding Photography is a …

Wedding Photography Lighting - What makes great light for photos? Okanagan-Vineyard-Wedding-Sunset-Okanagan-Sunset-Wedding-Kelowna-Wedding-Sunset1-300x160

Okanagan Wedding Photography Tips – Understanding Great Light

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