this kelowna backyard wedding competes with the best okanagan wedding venues there are!

Rebecca & Judson’s Stunning DIY Kelowna Backyard Wedding

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People ask us for wedding venue suggestions all the time. “Where can I look for wedding venues?” “What should I look for in my wedding venue?” “What questions should I ask my wedding venue?” “Do you have any wedding venues you recommend?” You get the picture. That’s why we created our Okanagan Wedding Venue Guide as an all inclusive resource …

Cove Lakeside Resort Wedding

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As their friends and family gathered around them at The Cove Lakeside Resort, Graham & Megan promised to stay true and hold hands as they age, memorizing the grooves and crevices on each finger. As husband and wife, they promised forever and a day in their vows and sealed their commitment with a kiss. The rest of the evening was …

canoe wedding photo ideas by kelowna wedding photographer tailored fit photography | couple kissing in canoe newlywed

Kelowna Wedding Photography – Our Fav Kelowna Wedding Photos!

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Kelowna Wedding Photography is unreal. Kelowna Wedding? You’ve made a great choice! Kelowna has some of the most amazing wedding venues in Canada. That means having your wedding in Kelowna almost guarantees amazing wedding photography – assuming you choose the right Kelowna Wedding Photographer of course! Wedding photos taken in Kelowna or in the Kelowna area offers you some truly world class locations …

Wedding Photography Lighting - What makes great light for photos? Okanagan-Vineyard-Wedding-Sunset-Okanagan-Sunset-Wedding-Kelowna-Wedding-Sunset1-300x160

Okanagan Wedding Photography Tips – Understanding Great Light

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