Here are our most frequently asked questions for your convenience. If you have other questions, feel free to email our studio manager at info@tailoredfitphotography.com

We LOVE destination weddings! As a studio we’re fortunate to photograph weddings around the world. We’re happy to create custom packages to fit your wedding plans. Travel and accommodation fees are included in destination packages, so you won’t have to worry about a thing!

To get in touch, simply fill out our contact form and provide us with as much information as you can. Someone will get back to you ASAP. Tailored Fit Photography works out of Kelowna, British Columbia, but if you’re not in town, no worries! We are happy to have a consultation with you via Skype or Facetime.

Yes, all your photos will receive basic colour correction/touchups within Lightroom so that they shine!

A lot of studios do the watermark thing or force you to print albums through them – we’re not big fans of that route. We do offer albums and prints through our studio, but the way we see it, you’ve invested a lot for your photos, so you should have the freedom to do what you want with them for personal use.

We think when you’ve invested a substantial amount in your photographers, you should get ALL of the images. All packages include digital delivery of ALL your wedding photos delivered in High Res. No watermarks of any kind. The number of photos you’ll receive really depends on how long we’re there and how much time you allocate for photos, but you will usually end up with between 400 and 600 photos from your day.

Absolutely. Our goal is to work with you to create gorgeous wedding artwork that you’ll have to cherish for years to come. A specific list of must-have shots makes sure we don’t miss anything, so we love it, while at the same time we like to leave some room for creativity and originality – because your wedding is unique to you, so it deserves unique photography too!

The beauty of shooting in Digital format is that we are able to produce ALL your photos in either colour or black and white! When we develop the photos in the studio we select the medium that works best for each image.

Our studio shoots exclusively digital, most often using Canon 5D Mark iii’s as our main camera bodies. Digital means we can shoot WAY more photos during the day, fix any skin blemishes/colouring issues in photoshop, and deliver them to you far faster. While we certainly love the organic feel of film cameras, they come with a large set of limitations, risks and drawbacks that for us outweighs the gains.

If insurance info is required, we can forward details to your venue.

You want your photography to last a lifetime– and you it in the best possible quality! With everything moving online and onto the cloud, DVD’s and even USB’s are now going the same route of VHS. Seeing this trend coming we have switched exclusively to Online Client Galleries. This allows you to share your photography with your family and friends around the world at the click of a button, and make as many copies as you desire. Having copies also prevents the risk of losing your photos in a house fire or misplaced moving box (Trust us, it happens!)

One huge benefit of Online Galleries as opposed to USBs is it also allows us to get you your photos faster. Not having to wait for USB’s and CD’s to be printed and delivered before we can ship them out to you means we can cut our final delivery time by 4-5 WEEKS! Literally as soon as your photos are finished you can have access to your gallery.

We think year long turnaround times are crazy, and push to have your photographs finished in 3-5 weeks. That said backlogs in busy summer months can mean a LOT of editing, and we never want to compromise on quality in a rush to finish faster, so your contract will state it may take 8-10 weeks in case circumstances arise that prevent us from maintaining our 3-5 week estimate. We would much rather be upfront about this now than disappoint you later on.

By the time the reception arrives we’ve been working none-stop for up to 10 hours without a break or a chance to grab a snack, so we need a chance to recoup so we’re ready to capture the rest of your evening :) Because we don’t want to leave the venue or miss any of the action, we ask that meals be provided at the wedding reception as part of our contract.

Coverage time is up to you! Anywhere from 6 to 60 hours of continuous wedding coverage – we’ll fit it to you. As a starting point we’d suggest at least 10 hours to capture the entire day. Should your wedding go longer than your chosen package includes, you are free to add as much coverage time as you’d like at a rate of $150 per hour booked in advance, and $250 for every hour after that.

Yes, we are proud to be the only Okanagan studio offering both Photography & Wedding Films. Save10% off of video bookings with our sister studio, Tailored Fit Films. Wedding Film Packages start at $4000, however for those looking for a more basic option we offer a Full Wedding Ceremony & Speeches Video add on with our photography bookings for $1750.

As a collective studio we’ve been lucky enough to capture well over 100 incredible weddings, ranging from intimate backyard dinners of close friends and family to luxurious banquets of 300+ people. Because of this we’re able to be confident and familiar with a very wide range of wedding styles and sizes.

We believe in the power of team. As incredible as our lead photographers are, they can’t be in two places at once – which is why our base package includes 2 photographer coverage. One lead photographer, and one second photographer to grab extra angles and candid shots. If you need to save some $$ a one photographer package can also be arranged.

We LOVE what we do, an put our heart and soul into every wedding we’re lucky enough to photograph. Because of the amount of time and individual focus we want to put into every wedding, we have to limit the number of bookings we take per season to 15-20 annually. This way every wedding we photograph receives all the attention and time it deserves.

Our Studio is lucky enough to have 3 incredibly talented lead photographers and several associate photographers. We offer a complimentary engagement shoot with every enquiry where you can have the chance to work with and get to know your photographer before you book. That said with so many of our brides being international or out of province,we’re always up for a Facetime or Skype meeting!

We’re big into candid photography, and capturing real natural emotions. That said, sometimes a little direction can be really helpful in putting you at ease! The thing about photography on the day is that as a bride you obviously want gorgeous photos to remember the day, but the reason for the day ISN’T the photos! Its about starting a brand new adventure with your best friend in the world for life, and celebrating that with your friends and family. So with our photography we try and find a blend of taking enough time for your photoshoot to ensure you walk away with stunning photos of the day, but also staying back during the rest of the day and capturing moments as they unfold – so that you can stay in the moment.