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Why We Love Wedding Photography

Some moments in life you experience just ONCE

Nowhere is this more true than on your wedding day. You spend countless hours pouring over every detail. You pour your heart into every part of it. Your wedding is a reflection of who you are and the people you cherish the most in the world joining you to celebrate it. A wedding an incredible, personal and intimate thing.

Then one day – it finally ARRIVES.

Its never exactly what you expected. But most of the time its even better. After months, even years of planningand saving up for your dream day – Its over in the blink of an eye!

Trust us, when we got married we couldn’t believe how fast it all went by. Noone could of prepared us for just how quickly this huge day comes and goes. So when we received our photos it was the most incredible thing. We’d forgotten SO much about the day in just a few short weeks. Now the photos (and eachother!) are all we have left of that amazing day – and we cherish them more than we ever could have guessed. That’s why your photography is so important. They allow this incredible day and decision and covenant of marriage to be remembered and captured. And that’s why people invest so much into their wedding photography.

Wedding photos aren’t just photos for us. They’re memories.

Memories, emotions and moments of time. Each one echoing forevermore the story you see with your eyes and that burns in your heart but that you just can’t hold still in time. Call it cheesy, call it poetic – but we’re suckers for photography. Sometimes, its impossible to capture the true beauty and joy of a moment, but in every wedding we photograph our focus is to try and do just that, as best as our cameras can carry what we see through our eyes and wish to express with our hearts.

Seeing Wedding Photography Differently

Every Wedding Is Unique – Just like every couple. We believe that your love story deserves an hand-crafted approach. Its our goal not just to capture gorgeous photos, but to make your wedding photography an incredible experience. Its our goal to capture incredible photos and for you to have an amazing time doing it.


We’re big into real moments, real emotions, and a natural, candid approach whenever we can. We’ll step in to tweak where you need a little guidance or help, but we do our best as wedding photographers to make sure you feel comfortable and can forget the cameras as much as possible. Our style is more about getting you interacting with each other rather than a lot of really formal uncomfortable posing. We take on a very limited number of weddings per year because we  care deeply about making real connections with our couples. We want to make sure we’re a great fit together, because the best artwork comes out when you love hanging out with us and we love hanging out with you! You wouldn’t invite a stranger to your wedding, so why would you invite a stranger to photograph it?! Because we value relationship with our couples, we offer a Complimentary Engagement Photography Session to get to know us before you commit. Contact Us Now to book yours today.

We will passion to capture all that your story is. Re-experience those memories over and over again, for years (and generations!) to come. We hope that your eyes catch the spirit of our art and that your heart catches the value and meaning within our photos.

-The Tailored Fit Team

Wedding Photographers In Kelowna


Our studio is located in Kelowna BC, but we frequently photograph weddings all around the Okanagan. Places like Vernon, Kamloops, Naramata Bench, Penticton, Summerland and Osooyos have some of the most unique and creative venues that we love visiting. Destinations within the Okanagan are free from travel costs.


We’ve been all around the world photographing weddings. Crazy enough, after all the places we’ve seen Kelowna and the Okanagan offer some of the most incredible places ANYWHERE for wedding photography. Kelowna is a gorgeous place for wedding photos. There’s a reason there are so many Kelowna Wedding Venues to choose from! As wedding photographers, we appreciate the huge variety for weddings you find in Kelowna. There are a TON of wedding venues in the Okanagan. From gorgeous winery weddings at Summerhill or Cedar Creek Estate Winery to elopements on the mountains of Big White or Silver Star. There’s nowhere with the backdrops of vineyards like Painted Rock Winery in Penticton or the gorgeous vista views of Sanctuary Gardens in West Kelowna. Or if wide open vistas aren’t your thing, just head into the trees for a forest wedding straight out of a fairytale. No matter what you have in mind for your wedding day and your wedding photography, the Okanagan has it somewhere. 


Planning something totally unique and off grid? Catamaran Elopement through the islands of Greece? Intimate family and friends overlooking the volcanoes of Vanuatu Fiji? Or maybe closer to home – A mountaintop wedding at Kicking Horse, Jasper or Bangg? We’re in LOVE with unique and intimate weddings. Probably because that’s what we connect with the most. We’re adventurers, explorers and artists at heart – So we LOVE finding couples who share that in common. And if you’re planning a wedding somewhere amazing, we can help you save big on photography. Contact us and let us know what you’re dreaming up and we’ll figure something out. As wedding photographers based in Kelowna we’ve been blessed to see some amazing locations around the world. So whether your wedding is close to home or far far away, we would be honoured to be there.


Finding a Kelowna Wedding Photographer is easy. Choosing a wedding photographer is HARD. There are SO many options out there. With so many wedding photographers, it can get overwhelming and frustrating. We spent HOURS looking at photographers online trying to find the right fit for our wedding. Just because someone is a wedding photographer and they’re based in Kelowna, isn’t a guarantee they’re a great fit for your wedding. Even a photographer with AMAZING photos might not be a good fit! Having a photographer whose work you LOVE is crazy important – But so is actually LIKING who they are as a person! After all, you’re going to be spending most of your wedding day with your wedding photographer… Its probably important that you actually ENJOY being around them. That’s why we do our best to get to know every couple ahead of time to see if the fit is right. 

Even the best website still doesn’t compare to meeting with someone face to face. You should be able to get to know your wedding photographer before you book the wedding day. We’d love to get to know you and let you get to know us before you book. Either with a Facetime or Skype call, or if you’re closer to Kelowna, with a complimentary session. No obligations, no deposits, no contracts. We just want a chance to meet you, answer your questions.

So if you’re visiting or live in the Kelowna or Vernon area let us know. We would love to schedule your complimentary engagement photography sometime soon! Contact us to arrange a date. We can’t wait to hear about your wedding day!


We’d love to chat! Send us a few details and we’ll send you some wedding planning goodies :)

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